Vetstreet is the nation's leading provider of marketing and communications solutions for the veterinary industry.

  • Communicate effectively with your clients
  • Provide practice and pet owner education
  • Increase patient visits for improved pet health
  • Recapture revenue with your own online store

Our focus is providing a wide range of communication tools that connect pet owners with their veterinary practices. Through the web-based Vet Portal, veterinary hospitals have access to a suite of management tools that help manage their practice marketing and communication programs.

Automatic emails, text messages, postcard reminders are just some of the communications sent by Vetstreet that enhance the veterinary-client-patient relationship, resulting in improved health for pets and compliance for the veterinary practice.

With a Vetstreet Vet Portal subscription, practices are offered a free practice website, an online store, individual pet owner Pet Portals and can opt in to a multitude of marketing programs geared towards increasing patient visits and increased revenue for the practice. Vetstreet Pet Portals are personal, private, and customizable pet owner websites that help pet owners manage the health of their pets. Pet owners can upload pet photos, request appointments, access health records, read peer-reviewed pet health information and shop at practice-specific online store.

Vetstreet's state-of-the-art technology portals are built to meet the needs of veterinarians and their clients.

Vetstreet improves the health of pets and the health of veterinary practices, everyday.

Learn more about our products:

  • The Pet Portal

    Improve client communications—and increase client loyalty—with a personal pet-health website for every owner

    These individual sites enable your clients to:

    • Request an appointment
    • Review pet's recent health history
    • Set up automatic email reminders
    • Find pet health information in Care Guides
    • Post favorite pet pictures
    • Communicate with your practice when its convenient for them – 24/7
  • The Vet Portal

    Increase client interaction from your Vetstreet control panel—your practice's Vet Portal

    The Vet Portal allows your staff to:

    • Reinforce your practice's health care recommendations with email, text, and postal messages
    • View and respond to Pet Portal activity to increase communications with your clients
    • Protect your pharmacy revenue against online pharmacies by monitoring and promoting your Online Store
    • Keep track of compliance and other key practice metrics with reports showing your client's activity
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    Take advantage of our website services—FREE with your Vetstreet subscription. Professionally designed templates to fit your practice's needs.

    Build your practice's website:

    • Free with your Vetstreet subscription
    • Professional templates create the look and feel you want for your practice
    • Easy-to-use administrative tool makes it simple to upload content and photos
    • A professional website will help promote your practice and provide your clients with a great user experience
    • Intuitive user interface
    • Built for search engine optimization

    Full-service technical support from Vetstreet's own staff:

    • Included with your subscription
    • The Vetstreet customer support team can assist with your modifications by phone via a toll-free number
  • Online Store

    Recapture revenue with your own online store. Offer your clients a convenient alternative to internet pharmacies.

    Gain a competitive edge with your own online store:

    • Compete with Internet pharmacies
    • Give clients 24/7 convenience from you – the veterinarian they trust
    • You select products – over 1,000 and growing
    • Expand treatment options without inventory costs
    • You determine all the prices – or choose to automatically match Internet prices
    • Convenient tools make setup easy

    Your clients appreciate the convenience when they:

    • Request prescription refills and order pet food or other items you've selected – directly from their Pet Portals
    • Get FREE shipping on orders over $39.98!
    • Receive orders at their own homes
  • Send Postal Reminders

    Send high-impact postal reminders and improve client compliance.

    Vetstreet postal reminders include:

    • Species and breed specific photos
    • Produced using high-quality printing techniques
    • Available in a variety of styles and color templates
    • Customized with your practice name, address, and telephone number

    And best of all, Vetstreet postal reminders are completely automated so you'll free up staff time and never worry about missed or late reminders.

  • Pet ID Cards

    Wow your clients and increase client loyalty.

    Each Pet ID card looks and feels like a credit card and comes with a free tag that can be attached to a key chain or a pet's collar.

    • Pet's photo, name, breed and age
    • Rabies tag number and microchip number
    • Key vaccinations and expiration dates
    • Full client name, address, and phone number
    • Complete practice contact information

    Pet ID cards are completely automated and sent by Vetstreet on behalf of your practice. Cards are sent whenever a pet's reminders for rabies vaccination, distemper vaccination (canine or feline), or annual exam are updated.

  • Online Communications

    Boost clients' loyalty and responses with emails sent from you, automatically by us.

    Pet owners automatically receive emails on behalf of your practice:

    • Appointment reminders
    • Text messages for appointment reminders
    • Health care reminders (synchronized with postal reminders)
    • Birthday cards for their pets
    • Seasonal, educational messages
    • Special offers from sponsoring manufacturers
    • Announcements for pet food recalls or other important issues
    • The Petsmatter Newsletter sponsored by AAHA
    • Create your own custom email message
  • Compliance Data

    Improve client reminder compliance up to 31%!

    Study Details

    Reminder information, collected from 1,167 subscriber practices, was separated into 3 groups by types of reminder services used. Data among groups were compared to determine the effectiveness of various kinds of reminders in terms of client compliance.*

  • Practice Management

    Practice management tools that put performance
    and analytic details at your fingertips.

    Reports available:

    Portal IRI (Incremental Revenue Increase)
    The increased dollars that Vetstreet communications bring to your practice
    Reminder Compliance
    Client compliance to your reminder service codes
    Product Compliance Data
    Compliance to key product categories
    Client Activity
    New clients, bonded clients, and clients with email
    Pet Reports
    The age of your patients
    Online Store Reports
    Products, clients and transactions
  • System Compatibility

    The sooner you subscribe, the sooner your practice will begin to reap the benefits of Vetstreet – and we'll help get you started.

    You'll Need:

    • High-speed Internet Access
    • Practice Management System Software
      Vetstreet is compatible with most PMS programs; see list below

    Compatible PMS Software

    • AVImark®
    • Animal Hospital Management System (AHMS)
    • Alis-Vet
    • Better Choice/AVS®
    • ClienTrax
    • Complete Clinic Software
    • Cornerstone®
    • DVM Manager
    • DVMAX®
    • Impromed® Infinity
    • IntraVet®
    • Sunpoint Software
    • Vetech Advantage™
    • Eklin VIA®