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Communication & Leadership Symposium

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With all of the various forms of communication available to practices and pet owners, now more than ever we need to ensure that we are choosing the most appropriate type of communication for the situation at hand. A handwritten note, a text message, an email—which would you choose, and what would you say to thank a customer? How do you communicate your critical medical protocols to pet owners? How do you deliver bad news?

The Invisible Battlefield—Attracting & Retaining Clients in the Digital Age

Time: 8:00-9:15 AM | Speaker: Eric Garcia

Speakers: Connie Shelton & Benon Ureda, Merchant Centric

Since 2011, the number of Americans using smartphones to access the internet has almost doubled to 65%. As this trend accelerates and we move into an increasingly connected internet age, what happened to the rule book on how to attract clients into practices? And when it comes to marketing, most of our attention is focused on the sexy side of marketing—finding new clients. But the reality is that most practices do not need more new clients. They simply need to communicate better and meet the needs of their existing ones. So, how can veterinarians make use of their biggest asset—the client database—to bring about awesome outcomes for patients and grow revenue at the same time?

Getting More Clients to Say "YES" Delivering the Right Message for the Right People

Time: 9:55-10:45 AM | Speaker: Ken Rotondo

Do we really know who our clients are? For decades we have demographically described those individuals we call “clients.” We’ve described them, but we fail to effectively motivate them to say YES to our recommendations. Discover a simple, scientific process that will provide you with greater insight into client preferences. The net result… more clients who say YES!

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Communication & Leadership Symposium

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