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Frequently Asked Questions



What is Vetstreet?


How does Vetstreet help me to provide better care to my patients?
How does Vetstreet improve compliance?
How does Vetstreet help me to educate my clients?
How does Vetstreet enable me to provide clients with online home delivery?


How much time does the daily maintenance take?
How do the email reminders and pet birthday emails work?
How does the targeted email marketing work?
Who creates the private pet health websites (Pet Portals)?
How will my clients access their Pet Portals?
What is your source for the pet health articles?
How does home delivery work?
How does my practice manage the Vetstreet services?

Getting Started

How much time does the Vetstreet setup take?
How will my staff learn how to use Vetstreet?
How will my clients learn about the services Vetstreet that provides?
What do I need to get started with Vetstreet?
How do my clients get their private pet health websites (Pet Portals)?
How do I sign up for Vetstreet?


How does Vetstreet keep my practice's data secure?

Additional Services

Can Vetstreet send reminders for my practice?
Can Vetstreet send Pet ID cards to my clients?
My practice needs a website. Can Vetstreet help?
I want to send an email message to a specific group of clients. Can Vetstreet help?
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