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HealthyPet Magazine’s Spring Issue Features “Tough Guy” Actor and Animal Lover Titus Welliver

Star of TV’s “Bosch” and “Lost” Shows Soft Spot
for Pets and Rescue Animals

YARDLEY, PA (April 6, 2015) – The Spring, 2015 issue of HealthyPet Magazine, a seasonal publication dedicated to delivering relevant and educational pet wellness content to pet owners through veterinarians, will showcase the “softer side” of veteran television and movie actor Titus Welliver, who has spent his life raising, rescuing and loving pets and animals.

Welliver, who fans of the wildly-popular television show Lost will remember as the sinister “man in black,” or “Smokey” to some, has been busy shooting the detective television drama Bosch for Amazon television.  But his busy and successful career in TV and film hasn’t stopped him from his lifelong obsession with rescuing and raising animals of virtually all shapes and sizes.

Growing up on a family farm in Maine, Welliver was known to rescue and take in many different animal species, including rabbits, chickens, ducks, dogs and guinea hens, in addition to the randomly-found injured squirrel, raccoon or field mouse. “My room was a menagerie of injured birds.  We had a raven that was hit by a car – we kept it in the woodshed in the summertime and my father taught it to talk.”

Today, Welliver’s love of animals extends to a family of four dogs and two cats who live with him and his daughter, Cora, and his wife, Jose Sempkens Welliver, an animal lover herself who brought four rescued horses into the family. 

Titus Welliver’s inspiring story of animal love and rescue can only be read in HealthyPet magazine, which is exclusively available through veterinary professionals.  Contact your veterinarian for the latest issue of HealthyPet Magazine.

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HealthyPet Magazine is a seasonal magazine that is dedicated to bringing relevant and educational pet wellness content to pet owners. Available exclusively through your veterinarian, HealthyPet Magazine is distributed to over 8 million pet owners every year, reinforcing the bond between the pet owner and his or her veterinarian. HealthyPet Magazine believes that improving communication between veterinarians and their clients leads to healthier pets. HealthyPet Magazine is published by Vetstreet®. To learn more about HealthyPet Magazine, please visit

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