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HealthyPet Magazine Prepares Pet Owners for a Safe and Happy Summer Season

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Summer Pet Safety and Travel Tips Plus NeNe Leakes’ Precious Pooch

Healthy Pet MagazineYARDLEY, PA (May 31, 2016)HealthyPet, an educational pet wellness magazine provided to pet owners by their veterinarians, is pleased to announce that its current issue is dedicated to helping pet owners enjoy the upcoming summer season with their pets. With warmer weather fast approaching, the magazine provides helpful information for protecting pets against some of the dangers that may be lurking as well as tips for making any summer vacation successful with a pet in tow.

According to HealthyPet Advisory Board member Karen Todd-Jenkins, VMD, “Fleas, ticks and mosquitoes are more than just an inconvenience. These parasites can cause real problems for pets. Fortunately, there are safe, effective ways to defend against them.”

  • The best way to protect pets—and people—from fleas and ticks is to prevent the pests from biting in the first place. HealthyPet outlines some of the problems fleas and ticks can cause and explains that the best source for information about safe and effective prevention is the pet owner’s veterinarian.
  • Most people know that ticks can carry Lyme disease, which can be debilitating for both people and pets. What they may not know is that these parasites can pass on many other diseases as well. HealthyPet discusses the dangers of vector-borne disease and how pet owners can reduce the risk for their pets and themselves.

Traveling with pets is becoming increasingly popular, so HealthyPet shares tips for pet owners who choose to hit the road with their pets this summer. “Knowing what to pack, and how to plan ahead can help vacationers avoid potentially serious problems,” Dr. Todd-Jenkins said. “HealthyPet offers guidance on easier pet travel, the most pet-friendly cities in the United States, and proper pet etiquette while on the road.”

  • One of the biggest vacation decisions pet owners face is where to go. HealthyPet highlights several U.S. cities that welcome dogs with open arms. The issue also outlines how to keep fellow travelers, hotel housekeepers, and rental owners happy so pets are welcomed back in the future.
  • A checklist of pet travel must-haves includes pet food, portable water and food bowls, prescription medications, toys, pet bedding, dog waste bags or a litter box for cats, and a pet carrier or harness/restraint system, among other items. Pet owners can ask their veterinarian for advice on the best gear for pet travel, or they can learn more in the latest issue of HealthyPet.

One reality TV star who is no stranger to travel is NeNe Leakes. From roles in The Real Housewives of Atlanta and E!’s Fashion Police to guest spots on The Celebrity Apprentice and Glee, Leakes often finds herself on the road. HealthyPet sat down with this hard-working powerhouse personality to learn that she is actually a big softie when it comes to her pooch, Playa. According to Leakes, the tiny Yorkie is “warm and friendly and loves to cuddle and lick your hand as a show of affection.” HealthyPet reveals more about Leakes’ life with Playa, the importance she places on good veterinary care, and how she spends her spare time.

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