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Vetstreet Launches Mobile Website Program in Advance of Changes to Google Mobile Search Algorithm

Mobile Program ensures Vetstreet Web Builder clients will remain connected to current and prospective customers using mobile devices

YARDLEY, PA (April 21, 2015)Vetstreet, the premier provider of veterinary, marketing and communication solutions, recently launched its Mobile Website Program. Designed to optimize veterinary practice websites for mobile search and viewing, the program will enable Vetstreet clients to elevate their visibility among a customer base that is increasingly reliant on mobile devices. The timing of the Program’s roll-out will enable veterinary practices that utilize the service to avoid being dropped from Google search rankings as a result of the new mobile search algorithm that was launched today by Google.

The Mobile Website Program will provide Vetstreet Web Builder clients with a mobile friendly version of their practice site on which all content will mirror that which is displayed on the practice’s main desktop site. Subscribers can continue to update their practice sites using the same easy-to-use administrative tools and intuitive back-end experience that they have come to expect from Vetstreet’s Website Builder Program.   All site content and updates will be automatically optimized for mobile viewing.

“The recently-announced updates to Google’s search algorithms are very significant for veterinary practices whose websites have not yet been optimized for mobile search and viewing,” said Eric D. Garcia, Founder of Simply Done Tech Solutions, an Information Technology consultant and Digital Marketing Expert for veterinary practices. “Starting on April 21st practices that have not optimized for mobile will see a drastic drop in their practice’s website ranking on Google in searches originating from mobile phone devices. Based on our in-depth analytics, we find that on average, 33% of all organic (non-paid) traffic generated to a veterinarian’s website is from mobile. In some cases, I’ve seen practices even garner more mobile traffic than they do desktop. Ultimately, even the veterinary practices that invest heavily in Search Engine Optimization will become less visible to nearly one-third of their potential website traffic.”

Vetstreet’s Mobile Website Program features:

  • Colors aligned to the Web Builder Program practice site for maximum brand cohesion.
  • Identical URLs for the practice’s Web Builder Program practice site, which will ensure that visitors to the practice website will be automatically directed to the proper site based on the devices that the search originates.
  • One-click connection to your practice website from all pages, which enhances the mobile user’s experience on the practice website and increases user retention.
  • Easy access to all client resources including the practice’s Pet Portal and Online Store.

“It’s no secret that we’ve all come to rely on our mobile devices for more and more of the things we do every day,” said Jim Hansbauer, Vice President of Sales at Vetstreet.  “For pet owners, this can include finding a veterinarian, scheduling appointments and instantly accessing their pet’s healthcare history.  Vetstreet is committed to keeping our clients ahead of the technology curve and connected to pet owners that make up their current and prospective customer base. The Mobile Website Program was designed to do just that and ensure that our clients are able to leverage emerging technology as opposed to being left behind by it.”
Vetstreet subscribers that utilize the Web Builder Program can easily optimize their websites for mobile search for only $20.00 a month on top of their current subscription. For more information on Vetstreet’s Mobile Website Program or to sign up for the service, please visit or call 888-799-8387. For a full list of products and services that Vetstreet offers, please visit:

For veterinary practices that are interested in learning more about Google’s announced search engine algorithm change or to see if their practice website will be affected, you can visit the Google Webmaster Central Blog at:

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