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Vetstreet Launches Reputation Engagement Program to Enhance Communication and Increase Visibility for Veterinary Practices

Digitally Enhanced Services Increase Compliance
and Strengthen Client Relationships

YARDLEY, PA (April 2, 2015)Vetstreet, the premier provider of veterinary, marketing and communication solutions, has launched its Reputation Engagement Program. The robust program features digitally enhanced services including customizable thank you emails, online reviews, social sharing and smart surveys. Designed with the needs of today’s veterinary practices in mind, Vetstreet’s Reputation Engagement Program allows practices to extend their reach and influence into the digital spaces where their clients frequent, fostering a dialogue between practices and their clients while increasing online visibility and ratings. The program works to enhance the level of comfort clients feel with their veterinary practice by building stronger client relationships through personalized communications.

Vetstreet’s Reputation Engagement Program features:

  • Thank You Emails - The fully customizable thank you email service is available with several templates and color schemes as well as options to personalize the communication including a picture of the specific species of animal that visited the practice.
  • Social Sharing and Online Review – Practices can build likes and followers and online reviews make it easy for clients to connect in the places they visit every day.
  • Smart Surveys – Give clients a voice and provide valuable information that leads to better care by incorporating a survey link into thank you emails. Smart Surveys allow clients to share thoughts about their visit.

“Bringing enhanced digital marketing and communication tools to market for the veterinary industry is a primary focus for Vetstreet,” said Jim Hansbauer, Vice President of Sales at Vetstreet. “Our roots in the veterinary industry allow us to identify and create innovative solutions that have a direct impact on practice growth and client engagement and retention.”

“Most veterinary practices have grasped the importance of using email as a contact point in building relationships with their clients and maintaining an open dialogue, which is essential to increasing compliance,” said Eric D. Garcia, Founder of Simply Done Tech Solutions, an Information Technology consultant and Digital Marketing Expert for veterinary practices. “What Vetstreet has done with its Reputation Engagement Program is to maximize the power of email as a tool for increasing compliance and growing practices by seamlessly integrating the survey and social media tools directly into the template of the email. Practices can continue to grow their digital presence and online reputations in an age where consumers are placing a high importance on a business’ online accessibility.”

The Reputation Engagement Program and full suite of digital marketing and communication tools are included at no additional cost for practices that subscribe to Vetstreet. Setting up the service is easy, and the tutorial Vetstreet provides allows for practice managers and practice owners to comfortably navigate all of the available service options with minimal time commitment and technical support, which is also available.

“Vetstreet’s Reputation Engagement program is completely customizable, and allows me to personalize individual client notes and thank you emails or to customize the entire email if I need to, which saves me time,” said Trisha Jones, CVPM Hospital Administrator at Raintree Veterinary Center, who participated in the program’s Beta test. “It also offers more than just thank you emails and includes a survey feature that has allowed us to increase and promote positive feedback and reviews online by directing our clients to leave testimonials about our practice and their experience on our website, Facebook, Yelp and other digital sites. This has helped to increase our visibility and ratings online.”

Practices that are interested in growing their digital and social presence by creating stronger lines of communication with their clients are encouraged to reach out to their Vetstreet representative, or to call 888-799-8387.

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