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30-Year Heritage

We are 100% focused on improving the relationship between pet owners and their veterinarians.

About Us

Our Story — How It All Began

At Vetstreet, we know that a better-informed client means more traffic (and more revenue) to your practice and a better cared-for pet. That's why we're committed to getting you the most out of every client communication and helping you connect with your clients when they're in their comfort zone.

A Little History

It all began in 2001 with Dr. Peter Glassman, a veterinarian who believed that educating his clients about pet health through ongoing communication would increase patient visits to his practice. He founded the company Pet Portals, because he believed that technology was the key to more effective communication. Vetstreet purchased Pet Portals in 2007 and has become the leader in providing marketing and communication services for veterinary practices all across the United States and Canada.

We continue to build on the vision of Pet Portals and strive to provide veterinary practices a better way to communicate with pet owners. We merged that vision with the deep heritage of Veterinary Learning Systems (VLS), a company that, for more than 30 years, provided world-class content through journals such as Compendium and Veterinary Technician.

A Little Philosophy

When clients can receive your opinions and advice and reminders regarding good pet health away from the practice, they're far more likely to visit your practice not once a year or in only when there is an emergency, but on a regular basis to maintain the good health of their pets.

Vetstreet is dedicated to improving the effectiveness of your communications to your clients. Like you, we love animals and are committed to their good health—a goal most likely to be achieved when pet owners and veterinarians work in partnership. Behind every healthy, well-cared-for pet, you'll usually find an informed, engaged pet owner.

A Lot of Value

We deliver information and consumer insights to you so that you can deliver to your clients—both in your office and between visits—customized, relevant, and timely communications with programs like email reminders, postal reminders, and social outreach. These programs enhance the bond between you and them.

So don't limit your client contact to office visits. Have a conversation with clients when they're at home . . . in their comfort zone. It's good for your practice, good for your clients . . . and good for the pets you both care about!

Vetstreet improves the health of pets, and the health of veterinary practices...every day!

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