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Postal Reminders

Improve compliance and increase visits.

Postal Reminders

Break through the clutter by sending clients reminder postcards for upcoming pet appointments. A postcard keeps you—and the great care you provide—top of mind.

Vetstreet postal reminders:

  • Include species- and breed-specific photos.
  • Can be customized to include multiple pets on a single card.
  • Are produced using high-quality printing techniques.
  • Are available in a variety of styles and color templates.
  • Have content and design based on data documenting what works.
  • Are customized with your practice's name, address, and telephone number.
  • Reinforce your practice's brand by using your practice's logo.

Vetstreet reminder postcards are:

  • Effective — Motivate clients to make appointments for preventive care.
  • Effortless — We send reminders automatically; no staff time is required.
  • Customizable — Change your reminder message whenever you want.
  • Efficient — You’ll always have a steady stream of appointments.
  • Measurable — Track your reminder fulfillment with compliance reports.

And best of all, Vetstreet postal reminders are completely automated, so you’ll free up staff time and never worry about missed or late reminders.

Postcards and Mailbox

With their eye-catching design, Vetstreet’s postcard reminders are sure to get noticed!

  • Breed-specific photos that match your clients’ pets
  • Consolidated reminders for multiple pets on one card
  • Plenty of room for multiple reminders and customized messages, including your practice's logo

The Ultimate in Customization
Choose from 16 Designs!


Vet Portal®

Keep the conversation going with powerful web-based communication tools. Enhance the veterinarian–client–patient relationship . . . increase compliance . . . improve pet health.

Pet Portal®

Your clients' pet-health concerns know no office hours. Keep your clients engaged between visits with email reminders, postcards, articles, and an online store. Be there for them 24/7. Increase compliance and improve pet care.

Online Communications

Make your practice unforgettable with personalized emails that come from you . . . sent automatically by us.

HealthyPet® Magazine

Can you name the only service provider to the veterinary industry that offers to customize its magazine with your brand and announcements (and your return address!) and sends it to your clients?

Postal Reminders

Break through the clutter . . . increase compliance . . . stay top of mind with high-impact postal reminders.

Reputation Engagement

Reputation drives traffic to your practice, and professional competence and customer connection drive reputation. Our tools automatically send your customers the right message at the right time without distracting you from what you do best.

Practice Websites

Take advantage of our website services—FREE with your Vetstreet subscription. Professionally designed templates to fit your practice’s needs.

Pet ID Cards

Build client loyalty by helping clients keep important information about their pets—including your contact information—always close at hand.

Reporting & Analytics

Knowledge is power. Our practice management tools give you all the performance and analytic details you'll need to know how to increase compliance and improve client communication.

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